The Murgia Hack System


MH (short for murgiahack) is a microkernel under active development. It is aimed at supporting modern hardware and to provide security and isolation to underlying processes.

MH is built for modularity and ease of experimentation. It is meant to be used as a stepping stone for building modular systems. It achieves this by having only one building block, a I/O device, and by providing mechanisms for userspace programs to create, discover and use these devices.

Furthermore it is possible to express naturally the hardware present in the machine with the same abstraction, thus requiring no special interface to assign hardware to userspace programs.

Get Murgia Hack

MH is free software.

If you want to download and build MH, please visit its GitHub page.

More information

Check the news page for the latest news and development update.

Go to the developers notes for more in-depth discussion about MH, it's architecture, its design and plans for the future.

MH talks.

The following are links to presentations and talks about MH: